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Ranger Partners Group, LLC is a business advisory, post merger & acquisition integration, organizational development, dealmaking, and value enhancement company. We have long standing expertise in the industries that we serve, and a proven knack for aggressively and effectively building enterprise value with a principled, quality centered approach.

Ranger Partners Group, LLC operates independently. We provide impartial recommendations. We have the ability to co-invest. Our extensive experience in aerospace, airline, ground services, cargo, parts distribution, FBOs and manufacturing assures you that we don't need time to "get up to speed". Clients are provided with a unique team to find cost-effective answers to strategic questions.

Companies transform through our approaches. We analyze people, organizational structure, marketing, competition, cost drivers, TQM systems, and performance metrics. We understand how operations, marketing, IT, finance, process improvement and HR/organizational development work together. We tie it all together, raise the tempo, reward good performers, and simply make it work. We help make deals work through people and culture integration, developing new marketing and sales thrusts, making your back office systems work together and even helping with overall buyout structures and financing methods and sources. We offer creative, insightful, cost effective solutions at a time of unprecedented change in the worldwide aviation, airlines, and aerospace sectors.

Many firms provide merger and acquisition consulting services. We bring more to the equation. Our expertise stems from our personal leadership experiences, and our team's education and aerospace industry knowledge. Ranger Partners offer the benefit of in-depth executive skills, knowledge and contacts. When you want to outsource or bring in outside perspective and judgment on Due Diligence, Deal-Making, Capital Raising, Turnarounds, and the many other disciplines that cause many deal efforts to fail or fizzle, contact us.

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