Ranger Partners Group, LLC

Core Competencies

Turning companies around and reorganizing successfully is something our partner's have actually done, not just read about or consulted on. We understand how disciplines such as finance, marketing, IT, organizational development and operations fit together. (more)

Strategic Planning  
Another key Ranger Partners competency is strategic planning and development. The consolidation trend is making the current era of change and uncertainty even more perilous. In this dynamic competitive environment, the right knowledge and understanding of the market and economic forces acting upon it are the foundation for strategy. (more)

Total Quality Management  
Ranger Partners offers a full range of services leading to implementation of Quality Systems consistent with the requirements of ISO 9000. Whether your company needs to motivate and train your employees or implement an effective Quality System, Ranger Partners with its experience in certifications within the aerospace and airline services industries can offer you a turnkey solution. (more)

Succession Planning/Management Assessment  
Organizational architecture and placing the right person in the right role are some of the most important decisions a business faces. We utilize state of the art management assessments, behavioral interviewing and job analysis to help businesses gain better insight into people decisions. (more)

Executive and Organizational Development  
We believe that to develop into a more effective leader, self-knowledge is the most important action step an executive can take. In order to make significant positive changes that affect organizational performance we start with an individualized, confidential management and leadership development process. (more)

Executive Training   
Effective leadership is the key difference between mediocre companies and front-runners. Organizations want innovative and strategic ways of developing leadership capacity to meet the challenges of today's fast-paced, high-pressure environment. Our executive training increases the results of your company's top people. (more)

Post Merger Integration (PMI)  
Merged companies must meet their planned financial objectives; it is estimated that 80% of mergers fail to meet planned financial goals. Ranger Partners quickly drives merging partners through the difficult post-merger integration so they can focus on achieving business results. (more)

Many marketing firms collect and analyze customer information. With our program, we go a level deeper, identifying and transforming customer information into successful, brand-building strategies. Ranger Partners helps you obtain valuable insights into your customers, combining state-of-the-art information technologies with strategic marketing expertise to help you better understand and relate to your customers' needs. (more)

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