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C-Level Consulting:

We make quality business consulting accessible and affordable to small and mid-sized companies in the aerospace and aviation industries, with the goal of increasing your profits. We are also experts at performing substantial intervention and reorganization projects in troubled units of major corporations—a fix-it team that can parachute in, get the job done, and leave the larger client with improved systems and an upgraded team. Our C Level consultants work with CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Chief Restructuring Officers, and have proven senior level management experience, not only in privately held entrepreneurial businesses, but also large multinational corporations. Typically, we field Partner-level consultants into those assignments who have already had significant career successes in those C Level roles already, in some cases more than once. So we know the pressures at the top, and we know how to make things happen at that level. We understand big business, but have an entrepreneur's perspective. By helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement, Ranger can make a big difference quickly. Organizations hire us to gain external and more objective advice and recommendations, to gain access to the our consultants' specialized expertise, or sometimes as temporary help during a one-time project, where the hiring of permanent employees is not required. Because of their exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations, Ranger consultants are also aware of industry 'best practices.’ Consultants may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. We dig deep for operational improvements at Ranger, and we pride ourselves is causing step-functional increments of productivity and efficiency through our highly effective and proven techniques. By directly networking selected independent service providers, we can offer premium quality at a price small business can afford, and compared to larger consulting companies, our prices for even major clients are customarily lower, yet with the same or better measurable impact from our work. Our decades of industry knowledge and contacts in aerospace and aviation make us an invaluable resource when you need fast, cost-effective solutions. In some cases, Ranger will be glad to negotiate its fees based on the expected measurable outcomes; we will take risk with our clients.

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Executive Search:

Ranger will save you money and give you outstanding search results. We have wondered over the years why most executive search firms charge such high fees. And why they typically relegate the actual search work to junior staffers. We handle only a few searches at a time, and always at the Partner level. Our fees are always less than the big firms, and because of our decades of knowledge, experience, and contacts in the aerospace and aviation industries, we’ll put our “reach factor” up against anybody’s. Creating an "ideal" candidate on paper is not the best way to start looking for a new hire. Talking to Ranger Partners is. People are often the overlooked factor in a company's business plan, but we know that in order for your vision to be successful, you need a partner in human capital resources- not an order taker. By getting Ranger Partners involved at the strategic planning stage, we can help you ask the right questions and get the right answers, starting with why that position is open. Working from the goals you have set, we may well uncover possibilities never considered. We can help you recruit staff at the highest levels, as well as in the middle ranks. With new executive recruits and retrained middle management personnel, your company won't just be reorganized, it will be revitalized. Once the talent has been identified and allocated, we can assist all parties involved with the integration process and continue to be a part of your company's growth. We predict that once we have been useful to a client, they will return for more. That is why our fees are substantially lower then the “big firms,” yet our Rolodex is arguably as big or larger—for the right types of leaders. At Ranger, we don’t just fill requistions, we materially help you with your investment in Human Capital.

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M&A Brokerage, Merchant Banking:

Ranger acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of small to medium sized businesses in the aerospace and aviation industries, focused primarily in North America and Europe, but with worldwide reach to buyers and investors. We assist owners and investors in the buying and selling process. We typically estimate the value of the business; actively promote it for sale with or without disclosing its identity; handle the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions, and negotiations with prospective buyers; facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation and definitive agreements; and generally assist with the business sale. Because of our deep expertise in our industry specialization, we already know most of the players, not only among industry buyers, but also among the large array of Private Equity and other hybrid buyers. In most cases, we are retained by either a seller or a buyer, and that representation is well defined in writing, in advance. As a buyer’s agent, we will find companies for that buyer to acquire. As a seller’s agent, we will market a seller’s company with the goal of achieving the maximum, or more appropriately “optimized” price and terms. In most of our engagements, we work for the customary Lehman Formula fee structure, although for repeat Buyer clients, we will reduce our fees for multiple acquisition efforts. For small businesses, instead of the Lehman Formula, we may charge a simpler commission percentage. Ranger will also sometimes take a portion of its fees in the form of securities, and is willing to co-invest in some deals.

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Capital Raising:

Raising capital is one of the most basic of all business activities. But as many new entrepreneurs quickly discover, raising capital may not be easy; in fact, it can be a complex and frustrating process.  From senior debt to private equity, there are rules of the game that help to ensure success. Ranger understands how to effectively raise money—our Partners have accomplished literally hundreds of millions of dollars in various transactions throughout the course of their successful endeavors. With our deep knowledge and expertise in the aerospace and aviation sectors, we know the senior lenders, mezzanine funds, and institutional equity sources who have strong appetites for our industry. We have negotiated capital formation efforts successfully on multiple fronts, using multiple layers of financing. We can advise clients on how to optimally structure their Balance Sheet, so that they garner the maximum returns on equity. We approach these assignments on a customized basis, one client at a time. Our fees are negotiable, but typically we will charge between 4% to 6% for equity raised, 2% to 3% for mezzanine, and 1% to 2% for bank loans that we help arrange. All of our fees are subject to review and approval by the capital sources themselves.

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PR, Advertising, Marketing, Branding:

Ranger has a well known knack in the aerospace and aviation industries for aggressive marketing, PR, investor relations, and branding. Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics.  PR aims to gain an organization or individual positive exposure to their key stakeholders, while downplaying any negative exposures. Common activities include speaking at conferences, winning industry awards, working with the press, and employee & customer communications. The essential functions of public relations include research, planning, communications dialogue and evaluation. A brand is a collection of images and ideas representing an economic producer; more specifically, it refers to the concrete symbols such as a name, logo, slogan, and design scheme. Brand recognition and other reactions are created by the accumulation of experiences with the specific product or service, both directly relating to its use, and through the influence of advertising, design, and media commentary. A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to a company, product or service. A brand serves to create associations and expectations among products made by a producer. Advertising is easy, but it can be expensive. Ranger can help with all of this. We’re experts at branding and image-building, and most of the aviation industry knows it! Because we’ve made a science of knowing all the key players in the aerospace media, we can help clients get articles written and placed, which is more valuable than any full-page ad. Our efforts typically involve a deliberate blend of advertising, PR, Web strategy, guerilla marketing, Internet exposure, employee communications, investor relations, and other aggressive communications techniques. We become the client’s full-time brand builder, at less cost than hiring too much staff.

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QC Audits, TQM Programs:

Ranger has long been known for “Quality, Safety, and FAR Compliance” as the watchwords for any company seeking marketing leadership in the aerospace and aviation industries. We adhere to the success formula of Internal Audits + Total Quality Management = Improved Results.  These aren't just buzzwords; they are constant reminders to us that service is the key to our success. TQM is a concept or philosophy for managing; a set of action-oriented principles, ideas, or practices; a way of life, a culture, a mind-set; or simply a call for doing things differently. It's a prescription for organizational effectiveness. It's a framework for improvement. In our own businesses that our Partners have owned over the years, we followed a “Good to Great” philosophy of creating numerous steady, incremental improvements on a relentless, measured basis. We help our clients do the same. It’s not easy to implement, but we’ve been down that path many times, we know how to make TQM happen as a cultural phenomenon in a client company. We might be the initial torch-bearers, but we know from experience that we can leave the client with an ongoing positive brushfire of improved results. We can conduct initial organizational, management, and FAA fitness style audits to the highest of standards, and then help roll out corrective action plans that attack each area that needs improvement. The results can be remarkable when properly carried out.

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Diligence, Legal, Other Support:

Ranger can assist clients in the investigation of a business or person, as part of an investment or buyout transaction. This is the process through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition. In executive search, it also speaks to the heavy investigations that Ranger can perform on candidate executives, sometime also very useful when evaluating a potential business partner or joint venture candidate. In business transactions, the due diligence process varies for different types of companies. The relevant areas of concern may include the financial, legal, labor, tax, environment and market/commercial situation of the company. Other areas include intellectual property, competitive analysis, real and personal property, insurance and liability coverage, debt instrument review, employee benefits and labor matters, immigration, and international transactions. Ranger can perform Quality of Earnings analyses and many other typical diligence assigments. Moreover, given our deep industry expertise in aerospace and aviation, we can materially assist clients with formulating post-merger integration and growth strategies. Our diligence reports are customarily very robust written and verbal work products, and are delivered throughout the course of the investigation. Ranger can also provide litigation support when required, and its Partners can be called upon as expert witnesses.

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Business Plans:

Ranger is committed to business planning excellence at affordable prices for our clients, through the use of our unique Ranger Planning Models. We are a team of real world professionals who have delivered results consistently in business planning in the aerospace and aviation industries. Working with companies large and small, Ranger can change the way smart people get their business geared up--with a professional edge. Our business planning skills range from small SBA loans, to private investment transactions, to large venture capital deal procurement. We have done it before, and we can do it for you. The way that you present your company or your division to your audiences, from bankers to board of directors, can make all the difference. We know how to package your business and articulate your vision in a winning fashion. We are comfortable working with any size company and our pricing reflects the necessary scope and detail of each engagement. As an entrepreneurially-minded firm, we pride ourselves in offering world-class service at affordable prices. We understand and prepare each of the core deliverables that investors and other constituents need including business plans, executive summaries, financial models, and investor presentations. Our team includes experts in every functional area related to strategic business planning - including market research, financial modeling and communications strategy among others. We regularly meet with and present our clients to investors including banks, venture capitalists and private equity funds, corporate investors and individual investors. Let us help you create a winning Business Plan that guides your company to its next level.

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Turnarounds & Interim Management:

Ranger’s principals are turnaround experts who can dramatically fix troubled companies. A turnaround specialist enters a company with a fresh eye and complete objectivity. The Ranger professional can spot problems that may not be visible to company insiders, and quickly implement solutions. Turnaround managers have no political agenda or other obligations to bias the decision-making process, allowing them to take sometimes unpopular, yet necessary, steps required for a company’s survival. A Ranger turnaround manager’s experience within the aerospace and aviation industry is just as important as his or her experience in crisis situations when a company is facing bankruptcy or the loss of millions of dollars in revenue. Like an emergency room doctor, a Ranger turnaround professional must make critical decisions quickly to staunch the financial bleeding and give a patient the best chance for recovery. Operating in the eye of the storm, a Ranger turnaround specialist must deal equitably with angry creditors, frightened employees, wary customers, and a nervous board of directors. Turnarounds follow classic steps, including changing underperforming management to remove impediments, quick analysis of the situation,  implementing an emergency action plan, and restructuring the entire business, followed by a return to new normalcy. Ranger can act as the “Chief Restructuring Officer” in a difficult turnaround, and far more cost effectively than larger consulting firms where clients are paying for heavy overheads, then seeing squads of fresh young MBA’s showing up for too much of the billable work. Ranger’s clients know that we only field seasoned veterans for these types of exceptional tasks. Clients for turnarounds include banks, owners, private equity and venture capital funds, and large parent companies of troubled divisions. Ranger also can then provide Interim Management, the temporary provision of management resources and skills. Interim management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven heavyweight interim executive manager to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. In this situation, a permanent role may be unnecessary or impossible to find on short notice. Additionally, there may be nobody internally who is suitable for, or available to take up, the position in question. We can even act as court appointed Trustees in bankruptcies, liquidations, and other troubled situations. Ranger has long experienced senior industry players who can act as CEO, COO, CFO, CRO, and CMO in numerous settings.

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Private Equity, Venture Capital:

Ranger Partners and its principals have nurtured meaningful relationships with literally hundreds of private equity groups and venture capital companies over the past several decades. Accordingly, we are able to bring these deep relationships to our aerospace and aviation clients, when needed. Ranger’s institutional partners represent literally billions of deployable capital for attractive situations. Likewise, we can serve as very effective help-mates to Private Equity and Venture Capital funds that may need assistance with due diligence, investigations, turnarounds, interim management, market research, PR & branding, TQM projects, follow-on acquisitions, and CEO-level coaching.

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