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Executive and Organizational

We believe that to develop into a more effective leader, self-knowledge is the most important action step an executive can take. In order to make significant positive changes that affect organizational performance we start with an individualized, confidential management and leadership development process. This comprehensive program includes extensive assessment of a client's current management style, and the creation of a personalized development program supported by coaching.  Organizational development ("OD") transforms the organizational culture (loosely, shared beliefs, values, and behaviors) by working with interpersonal relationships and business systems such as work processes, communication, rewards, change management, conflict management, retreats and meeting facilitation.

Step One: Evaluation

Each executive is individually administered a set of personality profiles, a career interest inventory, and leadership style analysis; results are combined into a personal report. Each executive is then thoroughly and confidentially reviewed in a one-on-one setting. Additional individual coaching sessions are scheduled if a need is determined. Also "triads" (the person's supervisor, the Ranger Partners coach and the executive meeting together to discuss the results) are frequently utilized

Step Two: Senior Staff Meetings

After all information is collected we work with each senior executive to review his or her entire team with recommendations to unlock each employee's potential. Career pathing, developmental assignments, and specific training are all furnished.

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