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Post -Merger Integration

Merged companies must meet their planned financial objectives; it is estimated that 80% of mergers fail to meet planned financial goals. Ranger Partners quickly drives merging partners through the difficult post-merger integration so they can focus on achieving business results. Even when the two organizations are a strong complement the forced pairing causes individuals to focus on their own situation, not integration. The often seen "we versus they" scenario can exist for years. Speed and decisiveness is key; the longer the integration takes the greater the chances of disappointment. We show executives how to address issues with speed, but with finesse. We've successfully bought, merged and integrated companies and understand the pressures involved.

We carefully assess culture, which is the collective personalities and history of the employees. Culture can also be defined as values, beliefs, and norms of how people behave. It is a mistake to assume that employees will naturally meld cultures together. We help key executives understand the leadership challenges they face, what they should expect, and what behaviors they need to exhibit. How to re-recruit key employees so they won't jump ship, setting up and facilitating communication focus groups, creating merger integration teams, and facilitating off-site retreats to design a new culture are several of our techniques.

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