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Strategic Planning

Another key Ranger Partners competency is strategic planning and development. The consolidation trend is making the current era of change and uncertainty even more perilous. In this dynamic competitive environment, the right knowledge and understanding of the market and economic forces acting upon it are the foundation for strategy. Organization design, delayering, moving to a field based rather than corporate driven operation, sliming corporate staff, developing entrepreneurial and selling skills in operations people, utilizing advanced technology, and putting the right person in the right role underlie strategic initiatives.

When facing new challenges, organizations often do not have the necessary resources available within their own company or want a new, fresh look at defining problems and opportunities. With our senior consultants who have been successful presidents and top officers in major companies, we have true hands on experience. Many consulting firms offer consultants who were mid-level managers or people who have not really created shareholder value. Ranger Partners is ideally positioned to not only support your management personnel, but to provide a new way of looking at your business and extending your capabilities. Because of the breadth of our experience, we provide assistance at the appropriate scale for all types of situations.

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