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Executive Training

Effective leadership is the key difference between mediocre companies and front-runners. Organizations want innovative and strategic ways of developing leadership capacity to meet the challenges of today's fast-paced, high-pressure environment. Our executive training increases the results of your company's top people. Gaining a competitive advantage requires anew way of thinking, a new way of leading. We believe that training is most effective when it is done with other members of the client organization. This is the only way systemic change occurs. Our training is informative, non-threatening, and fun.

Seminar One: Your Leadership Style

The executive's individual profiles are averaged and a company "profile" is generated. This is the catalyst for participants to understand how their individual profile compares with the team's overall profile. This is an excellent way to understand the unique aspects of the client company's corporate culture determined by the personalities that create the culture. Topics include understanding your leadership style, recognizing defensive barriers, examining core management beliefs and creating personal strategies for change.

Seminar Two: Effective Executive Communication

The new leadership style advocates coaching, negotiation, persuasive communication and listening skills. This training emphasizes lowering defensive resistance, enhancing listening skills, presenting ideas, and gaining commitment. The trainer demonstrates skills with actual case examples developed from the participants. Participants gain awareness of how to sell themselves and their ideas and create win-win scenarios.

Seminar Three: TEAM (Total Effort and Motivation)

Team building and creating the internal virtual company that accentuates projects with rotational leadership is the culture that is most adaptable. The key goal is the creation of cross-divisional synergy. Team leaders analyze their own team and the different roles people play. Creating cohesiveness, handling conflict, brainstorming and developing team leadership is the major topics.

(Each Seminar is for one or two days)  

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