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Turning companies around and reorganizing successfully is something our partner's have actually done, not just read about or consulted on. We understand how disciplines such as finance, marketing, IT, organizational development and operations fit together. Often times, speed is an important component of success and we help you get to where you need to be, quickly. Examples of our expertise include developing action plans for eroding sales with too high of overhead, slugging it out in a market perceived of as a commodity, poor management style(s) leading to loss of talent and creativity, reducing turnover in your front line workforce, increasing sales through marketing campaigns and helping you to re-energize your company's culture.

A challenge, not generally recognized or understood, is helping companies uncover the true operational metrics that drive their business, i.e. not focusing enough on core business drivers. We help discover and measure these drivers, help focus the company's energy and resources, strip away non-core activity, and cut costs to maximize profit.

Ranger offers a broad range of services in response to the differing needs of the under-performing company. We work side-by-side with the CEO and other senior officers or work with a secured lender in a restructuring effort. We have in-depth experience in running cash-conscious companies. We understand how to manage for cash flow. Our principals generated return of equity in excess of 200% in a large leveraged buyout by understanding cash management and increasing sales. Most consultants have never personally managed a large multinational corporation or worked in a leveraged environment. We've been successful high level executives and possess the formal education to give you a comprehensive set of solutions.

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